fascia repairs

Fascia Repairs and New uPVC Fascia. Your fascias are not just aesthetic additions to your home in Dublin, they also operate a vital function for the outside of your house. 

Here at All City Roofing, we provide installations and fascia repairs, in addition to the guttering and rainwater pipes. We are an established fascia repair company in Dublin & Kildare.

In many cases replacing wooden fascias with new uPVC fascias maybe the best solution. The UPVC fascias are cost effective and virtually maintenance free making them more popular than outdated wooden version.


Fascia Repairs & Replacement Dublin & Kildare

Fascias are designed to support the bottom row of tiles on a roof and also hold the guttering, which can become quite heavy after sustained rainfall. For this reason, it is important that they are maintained properly, as if they become weak, then they can struggle to support the tiles and guttering, which can have disastrous consequences on your home.

At All City Roofing we always put our vast wealth of experience to good use – whether it’s for uPVC replacements or a whole re-fit for your new home, we’re on hand to help. This type of work, when carried out in the professional manner, is once in a lifetime work.

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