Roof Valley Repairs

Roof Valley Repairs South Dublin & Kildare. The valley of a roof is designed to help direct the rainfall safely off of your roof into your guttering system.

Roof Valley Repairs South Dublin & Kildare

When you are having problems with a leaking or damaged roof valley we can refurbish, renovate and re-seal the roofing valley for you at your home in South Dublin and Kildare. If the existing valley has suffered damage, we will replace the under section and replace the existing lead flashing if its required. The most popular way of securing a roof valley is done using copper or lead flashing. Regardless of how your valley is structured, we guarantee that we give a superior quality valley repairs to other contractors in Dublin

All our work is done to Irish building regulations. Our work is covered by a long term guarantee on workmanship and installation. Before any work is carried out we will carry out a thorough inspection and can make recommendations on the work your roofing valley may require.

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