Slate Roofing

Slate roofing repairs South Dublin & Kildare. When people imagine roofs they usually think of slates. Slate roofing is used on millions of homes all over the country. This roof material is long lasting and is easy to repair. With modern advances, it’s also now available in either natural or synthetic. 

However, if your slates, are damaged, the safety and security of the roof can be compromised, which is why we endeavour to install or repair any slate roof to the highest standard possible.

Slate Roofing South Dublin & Kildare

Quality installation from an experienced team is crucial to the longevity of the slate roofs . If your home currently has a slate roof and is in need of repair or restoration, a professional inspection will allow you to assess the condition of the roof and decide on if an entire replacement is necessary

At All City Roofing we always put our vast wealth of experience to good use – whether it’s for PVC replacements or a whole re-fit for your new home, we’re on hand to help. This type of work, when carried out in the professional manner, is once in a lifetime work.

For all roofing work, contact our friendly team today on the phone by calling us in: 
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